Party Hearty Stamps by Stampin Up!

Monday, February 28, 2011

One of the best parts about being a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator is that I get to play with all the goodies. And I get to create for a living!  The most recent stamp sets that I have gotten is the Party Hearty Stamp set. To order this set visit my website.
Isn't it cute??? There are so many things you can do with these stamps. One of my favorite ideas that was shared with me by my friend Karen at Paper Creations by Karen, was only ink the hat itself not the little tops. Turn them upside down and make them into pennants! Add some bling by using glitter on the words or the flame on the candle

My parents best friend and I share the same birthday and we celebrate our birthdays together. So I wanted to make him a birthday card that was masculine but not overly manly.  I used Stamps from the party hearty collection from Stampin Up! and designer buttons.  The design came from Janet Munster of Inspired by Stampin. Hers is pink and purple but i needed to make it a little more manly. So I used paper from Die Cuts with a View and Cardstock from Stampin Up.

 I think it turned out cute!

Carwash Cake

Friday, February 25, 2011

One of the things I love about Mr. Right is that he is so creative. Most of the time its graphics and web design but lately he's come up with some really cool designs using all kind of things. 

This past weekend it was with fondant!  

Having a son who is Autistic has juiced up Mr. Right's creativity. Little Monkey loves anything that spins. And right now he's on a car wash kick. He eats, sleeps, and plays car washes. If he's not eating pasta that looks like spinning brushes, he's watching them via You Tube on the iPhone, or making my mop heads into what he calls "sqeegieers". 

So when LM turned 6 it was inevitable that we were going to be faced with the challenge of making him a cake with a car wash theme. 

Now I am not very good with icing and fondant at all. But Mr. Right was bound and determined to make his son one happy birthday boy. 
He spent a few days researching and asking his co-workers about it and then dove in. 

The base of the car wash is Rice Krispie treats that he wrapped in fondant that he colored blue. The only thing I contributed to was to smooth out the seams. I was too afraid I'd mess it up. 

Next he placed three small marshmallows  on toothpicks to form the brushes and stuck them inside the car wash. Two for the sides and one for the top. And cut (very carefully I might add) Gum strips to make the "Sqeegiers". He wrapped the part of the gum that wasn't cut around a toothpick and stuck it in the back of the car wash.  

Now since we waited to get the materials for this cake to the last minute we didn't have time to actually make a cake. Our solution was to buy a pre-made sheet cake from the grocery store that had no decorations on top. 

He didn't stop with just the car wash. He used Wilton's Color Mist in black and using a paper template he cut out, sprayed a road onto the cake. He then used Betty Crocker's Decorating Icing in Green to make bushes on each side of the road. 

And then used Wilton's Fondant icing writer to write Happy Birthday on the cake. It bled a tad but LM didn't care. He was beyond excited when we brought out the cake. 

And of course because we are doing our best to be green, Mr. Right placed a Toyota Prius on the road. Granted it wasn't white like the one we own but at least he was being earth conscience! 

Have I mentioned that I love the fact that I married a creative man? I'm super proud of him. He did this all by himself. I see us getting a Cricut Cake sometime in the near future. 

Hope you enjoyed a sneak peak into my husband's creative mind. I'll be showing you more soon.

Mr. Right gets a Valentine

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I know valentines is over but I just had to share what I did for Mr. Right this year. 

This idea came from Tara at Mom's of all Trades. Thanks for the fabulous idea Tara!

I made the card using Stampin' Up paper, stamps, and embellishments. I will eventually get a better picture of the card but I was using my phone so the picture isn't the best. 

When I went to the florist to ask for just a vase and greenery she looked at me kind of strange.  It cost only $3.20  plus the cost of the longer Slim Jim's. It was so easy to put together and Mr. Right Loves it. Every once in a while I'll catch a glimpse of him munching on his bouquet. 
The Slim Jims people, Not the greenery!!

The coupons came from Kendra at Key Lime Digital Designs . Aren't they cute? There were even blank ones so I could write in my own special freebie to Mr. Right (*wink*).

Last, but not least, I bought him a King size Dark Chocolate Hershey Bar (his fave) and took off the outer wrapper. I printed out this printable from Ellie G at Less Cake More Frosting. Isn't it super cute? My hubby loved the fact that it said it had no Fat. That just makes it the best kind of chocolate ever!

I hope you all had a fun Valentine's Day and you felt Loved.

As always, Make Life Creative!!

Shabby Chic Magnet Board

Monday, February 7, 2011

I did this project over the summer and thought I'd share it with you. I have loved the magnet boards I have seen around the blogging world and decided that I needed to make one of my own. There are lots of tutorials out there for these. I probably will do one as soon as I get my patooty in gear and make over my daughter's room.  

But for now you are stuck with just a picture.

Basically, I found several frames for a dollar at Goodwill and snatched them up before any one else could grab them. I removed the glass and set it aside. You never know I might use it in another project in the near future. I spray painted one with a cream paint.  I picked up some sheet metal at Lowe's and used my tin snips to cut it to fit in the frame. 

Yes I actually own a pair or tin snips and no they are not my husbands!
I would recommend you wear some construction gloves as the metal is super sharp. 

I took my favorite stuff ever  . . .

Mod Podge and covered one side of the sheet metal with and laid down my chosen piece of fabric. I cheated and used what I had on hand. My handy dandy Cricut Scraper thingy. To get rid of any bubbles or wrinkles.

I let it dry a few hours. 
Ok it was a few days but that's because I have three kids. 

I then turned the sheet metal over and spread some more Mod Podge on  all the sides and used the scraper thingy again to get out any wrinkles or bubbles. I let that dry and then added two to three layers of Mod Podge on top and let it cure for 24 hours before I placed the metal into the frame. 

Once it was done I keep thinking it needs something else. Something to compliment the fabric and add some whimsy. So I whipped up some Kanzashi flowers  out of denim and added magnets to the back of them. 


Shabby Chic magnet board perfect for my office!

Here are a few more examples of a Magnet Boards. 

And this next one uses an actual Magnetic Dry Erase Board which is a great idea too!

If you make one. I'd love to see and post all of your craftiness here!
Have a great day and remember 

Make Life Creative!!!


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