Mr. Right gets a Valentine

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I know valentines is over but I just had to share what I did for Mr. Right this year. 

This idea came from Tara at Mom's of all Trades. Thanks for the fabulous idea Tara!

I made the card using Stampin' Up paper, stamps, and embellishments. I will eventually get a better picture of the card but I was using my phone so the picture isn't the best. 

When I went to the florist to ask for just a vase and greenery she looked at me kind of strange.  It cost only $3.20  plus the cost of the longer Slim Jim's. It was so easy to put together and Mr. Right Loves it. Every once in a while I'll catch a glimpse of him munching on his bouquet. 
The Slim Jims people, Not the greenery!!

The coupons came from Kendra at Key Lime Digital Designs . Aren't they cute? There were even blank ones so I could write in my own special freebie to Mr. Right (*wink*).

Last, but not least, I bought him a King size Dark Chocolate Hershey Bar (his fave) and took off the outer wrapper. I printed out this printable from Ellie G at Less Cake More Frosting. Isn't it super cute? My hubby loved the fact that it said it had no Fat. That just makes it the best kind of chocolate ever!

I hope you all had a fun Valentine's Day and you felt Loved.

As always, Make Life Creative!!

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