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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I can't believe our youngest is 5 yrs old now. 

Time does fly. 

This years theme was Angry Birds.

It happened by accident really. The lady where he was having his party mentioned that she had ordered some Angry Birds balloons. So I jumped on that theme really quick. Tiger loves the game and can be seen playing it on my phone everywhere. 

First came the invitations which my talented and super sexy husband designed. 

It's ok. 

You can agree with me.

My husband jumped on the bandwagon and got to brainstorming about the cake. This is what he came up with. 

Pure Brilliance.
He so creative, I'm telling ya!
The towers where made from granola bars and gingerbread from the Christmas Gingerbread Kits. We ordered the Angry Birds Cake Toppers on Amazon

We had an actual Angry Birds Game in a box that we placed on the table for the kids to play with while enjoying their pizza and juice. I wish I had a picture of it but they kept knocking the towers down faster than my camera was taking pictures. *sigh*

What's a party without something for the kiddos to take home?

How about these treat cups? Awesome right?
We just took some large red plastic cups, cut the shapes out and glued googly eyes them. They were a hit!

Hope you enjoyed our creative Angry Birds Party. 

As always, Make Life Creative!

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Karen said...

This was awesome Tiff. You and Steven are so creative.

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